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Critical-Casts Episode 2: Expression


DOWNLOAD HERE: Critical-Casts Episode 2: Expression (53.4MB) [podomatic]  


LISTEN HERE on Youtube 

My Talk on Game Design Innovation (slides and script)


If people didn't believe in me, then I wouldn't know how to believe in you. Thanks again to the teachers, professors, and mentors in my life including the many I didn't mention in this podcast. 


Nice Quotes about my Blog:

  • [Critical-Gaming] really digs deep into a lot of issues I've been exploring lately like the vocabulary we use when discussing games and the way we discuss games in general. A lot of the things I've read here have really helped me define a lot of nebulous concepts that I've been having difficulty putting into to words and for that I thank you. ~V.H.
  • Although I intuitively understand much that you write about, you have a talent for organizing and explaining things in a coherent, logical, and passionate way, for a medium where almost nobody can....  I've seen people lament on forums that we don't have a language to talk about games, that that day will never come, and here you are trying to make it happen. ... ~O.E.
  • I liked reading everything you had to say, you really break it down in a very comfortable and understanding matter. ~A.C.
  • keep up the amazing work! I just wish more people would dig it. We need game grammar and precision in game design so badly. ~@har0ld
  • "He made this book of video game terms that 's like incredibly ridiculously, deep and complex and [he has] thought about all of these things. " ~Mark MacDonald 8-4 Play podcast
  • This blog's project of setting down a comprehensive language for games is very ambitious, and I'm just about blown away by your obvious dedication to accomplishing it. Thanks! ~J.





Please leave some feedback. Feel free to answer any of these questions.


  • Did episode 2 have enough game design focus? Do you think it needed more gaming examples?
  • Did you like the comparison between video games and other mediums?
  • Were the different voices/segments easy to distinguish between (Deforest, Haynes, Abbott, my game design talk, and the interludes)?
  • How did you like the binaural (3D sounding) effects? Did you listen with headphones? 
  • Do you think the ending wrapped up well? 
  • Do you think the episode accomplished what it set out to do; i.e. talk about expression, how it works, and what it does to a person? 


If you want to be a part of a follow up episode on Expression called Critical-Casts Ep2: Expression Side-B, let me know. The recording session will be pretty casual so feel free to drop in and lend our thoughts and voices to the cast. Check out the scheduling info by clicking the Sunday event below:

Time working on this episode - 47 hours. Includes travel time to record in-person interviews. 

Link to Critical-Casts Episode 2: Expression B-SIDE

Link to Critical-Casts Episode 1: Dyad

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Reader Comments (1)

Under nice quotes, you could add the time in which the quote was said because some of them I don't even remember being said in the podcast.
Also, if you want more specific feedback, you can ask specific question about what we think like you did for the first podcast.

December 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJohnathan

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