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    March 2014

    I am an indie game designer, video game consultant, tournament organizer, competitor, writer, musician, artist, and teacher. I have earned a degree in English from SMU, and I continue to independently study various subjects.

    Video games are an complex, interactive art that incorporate many different types of systems and design. Gamers are diverse in preferences, opinions, learning styles, and playstyles. Understanding how these two worlds collide requires a patient approach. In the fall of 2007 I started the Critical-Gaming blog to define the language and break down the design of video games so we can begin to communicate clearly.

    The first step was to understand video games. Now we must understand video gamers. 

    I seek to understand and converse with all gamers and non-gamers alike. I believe knowledge is power and teaching is one of the best ways to that knowledge. Knowledge of methodologies, crafts, and facts in addition to knowledge of each other on a personal level. Teaching and learning are important to me. So, if you have a comment or a question of any type, I'll do my best to help. If you seek debate or have a point to make, I will argue for you, against you, or a bit of both. Either way, you are welcomed here. 

    My latest project: A search engine for game design critique and analysis. 



    Bonus: Check out this interview of me by the Game Church hosts; Drew Dixon & Richard Clark.


    My name is Richard Hakem Terrell. My brother, Marcus Terrell, and I make up B.E.S Studios. Links to our games can be found on the "Downloads" page (see side bar). We worked with Noah Sasso on BaraBariBall, a competitive sport-fighting game hybrid out now on PSN (PS3 & PS4) and steam as part of the Sportsfriends compilation. You can find out more about our thoughts on BaraBariBall and game deisgn in this interview by BigSushi.FM.


    "The Indie Circuit is a website and community created to give you the best experience with a small, handpicked set of multiplayer indie games. Soon there will be players to meet, tournaments to attend, streams to watch, developers to chat with, and all kinds of interesting features to experience. After a period of time, the games will be rotated out."



    The Starseed Observatory is a games criticism website devoted to Droqen's indie game Starseed Pilgrim. I am the co-founder, web developer, writer, editor, and graphic artist. The project was only possible through the hard work of my team of friends and Critical-Gamers. The Starseed Observatory is the shining example of all the critical modes, methods, and techniques that I have developed on the Critical-Gaming blog. Read more about how this blog relates to the Starseed Observatory here



    How I got the name KirbyKid.

    My Art Portfolio 

    Every Game I've Ever Played. 1000+