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Critical Casts are GO!

This is the first go at it. I'm starting off small and controlled and fully intend on ramping up the content and excitement in the coming shows.

In the cast, I run through the concepts behind future segments for future casts to give you a glimpse at the scope of Critical Casts.

Also, I plan on getting guests to be a part of the show with me.

Listen to the podcast here.

You can check out a permanent link to the feed over to the right under Critical Casts.


Thanks and enjoy.

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Reader Comments (3)

First Post. J/k.

I enjoyed the pod cast. The audio cuts were so clean that it was hard to tell if GFW was over or if you had suddenly found a guest star roll already. Toss in some more music to help with transitions and keep on casting.

January 26, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterHGZero

Congrats on your first podcast (though I see now there are two!) and many thanks for the Brainy Gamer shout-out. I was pleased to discover that my clip was the only one that came away unscathed! ;-)

All the best in your future efforts. If I can be helpful to you in any way, just let me know.


January 27, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMichael

Nice podcast, Kirby Kid. Now it's time to take on your challnege


Let's see...a hybrid game of Halo and Tony Hawk. I would have to call it Halo: Soldier Elite.

It would still have the epic story-line and first person shooter deal, but it'll be featured a new thing that's from the Tony Hawk game, yet used in a different way. Using Tony Hawks 'Slow-motion' bar and way of bring it up into something called a 'Kill system'

Instead of just blindly shooting down your foes, players will be able to do shoot/ slice up their enemies in a different matter. Each type of kill or multiple kill will raise up the 'kill Meter'. For each kill, the bar is filled up. A Headshot will increase it faster, along with killing enemies in a combo or all at once. Once it's filled, the player's current choice of weapon becomes temporarally stronger in terms of power, speed, effect, and other such things. When this happens though, the kill meter will down to zero. While on a vehicle, performing special tricks or kills also increases the Kill Bar.

Speaking of vehicles, in the game, a few new vehicles will be introduced. A Hoverboard name 'The Galaxy Hawk', because of its powerful handling and it's slick speed. It can even withstand the powers of space.

There will be a Minigames where the forumula is mostly Tony Hawk in a Halo theme. Characters you can play as Master Chief, Corona (sp?), aliens, and many more. There would be a challenge section that features challenges worthy of a Halo player.Multi-player mode would have to deal with Halo's multiple shooting and another feature that would have them challenge others in vehicles for best tricks.

The Biggest challenge for this game to work is to get the true feel of the Halo game. By letting the Halo fans know it's not a gimmick of some kind...but a new type of Halo game (like Mario going through a RPG phase(.It's important to grasp the feel of the original forumula while adding new styles to it.

That's my vision of the game.

January 29, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterRockin

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