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Critical Casts Episode 2

This week, I address game design issues, elements, and problems from a variety of different angles. Get in on the discussion, and get started on the hands on application. There are adapters to buy, games to try, and a design challenge that may blow your mind.

Download Critical Casts 2 HERE.

Show Notes....

Wiimote + Bluetooth

Neo*RPG (I'm going to try and post my design postmortem document as well)

Guitar Hero Type Games

Hybrid Game

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Reader Comments (3)

I downloaded Neo RPG. It was fun and relatively intuitive. I tried to do the levels like you suggested and not shoot any rocks, and it turned out quite challenging even with throwing rocks. The only problem I had was reading the text in the tutorial or on the sides of the level. Otherwise I don't see any holes or problems in the gameplay. The different types of enemies made each level a unique experience, and the boss stages make you think on the fly to defeat all the enemies as they chase you relentlessly.

In regards to the combination of FPS and Sports games I immediately thought of something like the Twisted Metal series. Even though it isn't really a sport, the cars could be easily changed to bikes or skateboards. I think even just Halo alone does this sort of thing, in some respect, with games like odd ball or the soccer mods some people have made using forge. It really makes the players use strategy asking themselves, "Should I kill that guy and then go for the ball or just make a dash for it and hope my team covers me." However I think this combination would be a little more natural than that of Breakris. Though fun, when I played that I felt like I was really just playing two games at once instead of one cohesive gaming experience. More like multitasking than crossgaming.

Looking forward to the next podcast!

January 28, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMatt

good podcast.

I really enjoyed the idea of a Charlie Wilson's War to be incorporated into a game like Advance Wars. If we were able to decide on where to send our units and funds after each match it would change the outcome of the game drastically. But eventually I think it would make the challenge of the game to dull down because we are able to start the battles of each game on a more even playing field.

But whose to say we always win right? What if we lose, should we start over? I think so. I think we should go back to the previous level and try to hold off from the opponent because in real life wouldn't there also be a high chance of invasion from the opponent?

If that concept were added, it would be like adding some parts of the board game Risk because it would become a constant defending and conquering of the map. This would no doubt add another dimension to game play as well. And who doesn't want to defeat evil and rule the world? lol

January 29, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJrhee

Combining tricks and gunplay?
Sounds kind of like The Club.
As far as neorpg goes, I thoroughly enjoyed it when you first showed it to me last year, though I agree with your assessment of the does kinda break down when you have two people.
Having not seen Charlie Wilson's war, I can't really comment on that part.

February 2, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterhalocin

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