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Winter Commercials 09 pt.5

If you weren't aware, weird has only gotten weirder. The best kind of weird is rooted in relatable experiences and is used for a purpose other than shock value. Take these holiday Garmin commercials. The music, like in the Santa Running Late Target commercial, creates a sense of urgency and tension. If you can discern the lyrics, they're customized for each commercial and are quite comical. 


This is the first Garmin holiday commercial and it's focused completely on the core GPS navigation function of the Garmin device. The product tells you where you are and directs you to where you want to go. This commercial shows us the cruel fate of someone who doesn't have a Garmin. 

Oh the horrors of being lost at night. We all should be able to relate to this situation in one way or another. For this poor soul, it's dark and the commercial opens with an identifiable landmark; the moose. The situation is so dire, the driver dramatically considers ending his own life; "give me a noose." 

Riding past a "bad neighborhood" the driver is spooked by tough looking figures and an aggressive window individual with no teeth. In the next few cuts, the driver drives back and forth on the same road. He's clearly lost and now he's driving around in circles. The driver definitely realizes this when he spots the moose again. The figures from the bad neighborhood are only figments of his imagination as they spot the moose from the back seat. He feared getting lost, and it has happened.  And so the commercial and story is capped beginning and end with the moose. 


In this Garmin commercial, the Nutcracker comes to life and hits the town for a new twist on the classic idea. Apparently the Nutcracker is a very sociable and skilled individual. My favorite part is when the scary clown is spotted on the roundabout at the end of the commercial. If Nutcrackers can come to life why not scary clowns? The shocked expression on the Nutcracker's face is a perfect touch. 
Search around on youtube for more crazy Garmin commercials. 

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