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My last written post to the Critical-Gaming blog was in March and my last major update after that was the latest episode of the Critical-Casts podcast. Normally, when I take a break from blogging this large I announce it ahead of time. I titled such announcement "B.E.S Vacation." To be perfectly clear, I haven't taken a break from games, writing, and community. I've been working harder than ever. 

I've realized that I have not taken my blog seriously in terms of working to broaden its exposure and generate money to help balance the large amount of time it takes to write each post. In a full effort to change my blogging career, I've outlined a more sustainable, long-term plan. Part of the plan involves building and strengthening my audience. I plan on doing this by engaging a community of critical-thinkers. I want to change the way we think and discuss video games because our current methods and habits aren't good enough. 

So while the process has been slow so far, it's exciting. I've been busy hosting online meetings every Sunday at 7pm central time with all kinds of gamers that have a shared common goal of wanting to learn about video games through detailed, critical discussion. That's really the common connection we all have, and I believe it's a strong enough connection to make a difference in our small but growing corner of the industry.

Naturally, if you frequent this blog or if you're reading this post now, you are the kind of person that would fit right in. So far in our online discussions we're talking to indie game devs, discussing a wide range of topics, and extending the conversation throughout the week so that we have time to think about our statements and back them up with evidence. This isn't your typical online gaming community structure devoid of focused discussion, direct response, and communal accountability. This is something new. Join us. Contact me here. I'd love to chat with you. 


Even if you don't have time to hang out with a bunch of critical-gamers online, consider taking this short survey we made. Thanks.



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