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Project M-etagame Zenith

Since the release of the Project M Demo 2, more tournaments have popped up all around the nation. Project M is a mod of Super Smash Brothers Brawl that plays almost entirely like Smash Melee. Find out more about Project M-etagame here The following data is taken from 27 video matches (playlist here) of the Zenith 2012 tournament
B (Metagame Level)
1. Playstyles reflect Melee.E metagame level. Most players seem to play over aggressively with SHFFL approaches. Most players don't play around the limitations and expectations of opponents. Instead they seem to blindly/agressively approach and attempt combos. A few of the best players reflect the Melee.F metagame level (basically the top 5). The few exceptions are: Example 1 Example 2  Example 3. Winners Finals.
Carroll and Gunblade played in a Brawl like style here. They use more layered attacks, more ground based attacks, and Brawl.G level strategies. Likewise...
Compare this Brawl video versus this Project M match between ChuDat and JCaesar both featuring Wario vs Pikachu on Final Destination. And for good measure, look at this Melee match between Axe and Hungry Box
Ryoko's Zelda plays very similarly to Brawl Zelda by using Din's Fire in combination with tilts and space smashes, while his Sheik is very much in the Melee style (see here). 
2. Better integrated dash dancing

3. Common recovery SDs

4. Better edge guarding/recovering all around

5. Better wave landing from under platforms

6. Some poor DI 
7. Much less vulnerable after KOs from returning players.
8. Crouch Canceling fairly common
9. Less SHUFFL based tech chase and more ground based chasing.
10. Uncommon off guards (going off the stage to "edge guard")

11. No wavedashing up from the ledge

12. Uncommon pivot grab attempts


13. No footstools

14. Rare B reversing 

15. Uncommon Jab resets

16. Rare Moon walking

17.  Uncommon Hard reads attempting to land smashes (or other risky attacks)

18. Glide toss.


19. Uncommon item catching (parrycatch or otherwise)

20. No Honor SD.

21. DACUS?

22. Chain Grabbing

23. Longer Combos


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