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Brawl Playstyles & Skills pt.7

Sonic players are special. Like many lower tier characters, you just won't encounter a lot of players who play the blue hedgehog. When I stopped playing Kirby/Melee after 6 years, I could count the number of other Kirby players I knew from around the nation on one hand. Playing a scarcely played character doesn't quite make one a specialist. However, being able to use a small set of moves successfully against your opponent in wide variety of applications and anticipatory counter strategies does. Enter Catt~.
Here are our Questionair answers. 
  • Name: KirbyKid
  • Characters: Pit, Kirby, Sheik/Zelda, Pokemon Trainer
  • Best Skill: Timing (spacing)
  • Most Wanted Skill: Adaptation (changing one's strategy)
  • The Skill You Press Over Opponents: Adaptation (changing one's strategy)
  • Most Prominent Playstyle: All the above styles
  • Name: Catt~
  • Characters: Sonic, Pit
  • Best Skill: Adaptation (changing one's strategy)
  • Most Wanted Skill: Dexterity (inputting into the controller)
  • The Skill You Press Over Opponents: Timing (spacing)
  • Most Prominent Playstyle: Aggressive / Offensive



Catt~'s specialized playstyle when it works gives him the speed and versatility to travel around the stage horizontally and vertically. Connecting a spin dash attack into a jump-aerial can do plenty of damage while knocking the opponent of their balance. The spin dash can be canceled into a jump, a shield, or allowed to wind down. 

From what I understand about Sonic, his extreme speed works best when a player has good reflexes. Being able to see the opponent do a move from far away, run in, and counter attack can be very effective. Still, without super reflexes, perhaps Catt~ would do well to devise mixups for his spin dash game and incorporate the mixups into a defensive game. As much as we may want Brawl Sonic to play like Melee Falco and completely run over the opponent, it's just not going to happen. 

In the world of Brawl, power is power and nuance can be converted to power. The only difference is converting nuance takes more skill. Everyone knows that Sonic has a hard time killing. It's up to dedicated Sonic players to make all of his nuance level the power playing field. Like Pit, Sonic cannot afford to ignore any of his strange, unconventional abilities. 

Good luck Catt~.

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