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Shawn Elliott Approves of Critical-Gaming

Well, Shawn Elliott didn't mention the Critical-Gaming blog specifically. However, the comments he made in the latest Gamsutra podcast on GDCRadio are in line with exactly what's been going on here at the blog for almost a year now.

You can listen to the podcast here.


Doesn't that look like the face of approval?



Among the things he mentions in that podcast and others are...

  • reviewing/writing about games after reflecting on the experience that was hopefully done away from pressing time constraints
  • writing about games with a thesis instead of creating buyers guides
  • finding a unique angle to write from that's as meaningful as it is personal
  • making a bridge between literary critical theory to talk about video games
  • using the structures and unique metaphors of other practices/disciplines/art forms to approach game writing and game design.
  • taking small investigative ventures probing some aspect of the gaming culture
  • writing cross game analyses
  • being responsible/held accountable for one's writing. Taking a stance and arguing points.
  • developing and applying a critical eye to video games

Sound familiar?


Good luck Shawn Elliott. It's good to know we're fighting the same fight.

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