Critical-Casts Episode 4: Smash Bros.
Monday, April 8, 2013 at 11:08PM
Richard Terrell (KirbyKid) in Announcements, Podcast, Super Smash Brothers

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  • Chris Simpson, Doug Bennion, Travis Clark, Silas Elias (Sammy), Matt Fairchild, Cory (Josh). 
  • Apex 2013 fighters: Nick Riddle, BT Dieminion, Marlin Pie, Mew2King, Orion,  Mike Haze, Nairo, Mango, Hungrybox, Crystal (Mizuki), Luis Torres (Reflex), ESAM, DoH, Sky, Light, Denti, Axe, Aggronizing, Wobbles, Pierce (Pierce7d), Vinnie, G~P, Tom Casey (GTZ), Chu Dat, Sean Taylor, Poligrip
  • Thanks to many others who I couldn't find room for on this episode. 
  • Special Thanks to Noah Sasso for housing and a reason to travel to Apex (to demo BaraBariBall)  
  • Special Thanks to Apex2013 and all the hard working gamers who made it possible. 
  • Special Thanks to Sakruai for creating Super Smash Bros. 







B-Side Recording Schedule

If the below time and date doesn't work for you, you have many options to contribute to the B-Side show.You can use Skype and leave me a recorded comment; my account is KrazyKirbyKid. You can leave me a comment down below or on my facebook page. Just indicate that you would like for the comment to be used in the B-Side episode. Or you can email me via the form here.



Total time 30-60 hours. 

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