Project M-etagame Limbo
Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 11:19AM
Richard Terrell (KirbyKid) in Competition, Indie, Metagame, Super Smash Brothers

Project M is a mod of Super Smash Brothers Brawl that plays almost entirely like Smash Melee. Project M-etagame is my effort to record the metagame of this competitive fighter in great detail as it develops. Find out more about Project M-etagame here.  The following data is taken from 5 videos of the Limbo tournament

B (Metagame Level)
1. The playstyles are mostly Melee.E metagame level with a touch of Melee.FThe Melee.E playstyle consists of high movement and a strong sense of offensive pressure, though without solid follow up and combo strength. Melee.F play consists of tech chasing, better edge guarding, and a focus on resets. Players such as Hungrybox represent more of the Melee.G level of play (calm, focused, & deadly), however this level of play developed in Melee as a counter to the Melee.F playstyle.
Hungrybox placed first weeks prior at the FC-Legacy Project-M tournament defeating Vro and his Ike. Hungrybox's Melee.F calm style couldn't maintain enough control over Sonic due to his extreme speed attacking and escaping vertically and horizontally. By Hungrybox's next tournament, I expect him to have a defensive counter strategy ready for Sonic players. 

Good Matches
2. Little to no integrated dash dancing

3. Uncommon recovery SDs


4. Better edge guarding/recovering all around


5. Uncommon wave landing from under platforms


6. Little to no poor DI.

7. Rare vulnerabitily to returning players.

8. Little to no Crouch Canceling

9. Little to no ground based tech chasing.

10. Common off guards (going off the stage to "edge guard")

11. Rare wavelanding up from the ledge


12. No pivot grab attempts

13. Rare footstool


14. Little to no B reversing

15. Rare jab resets


16. Little to no moon walking

17.  Rare hard reads attempting to land smashes (or other risky attacks)


18. Nglide toss.

19. No item catching (parrycatch or otherwise).

20. No Honor SD.

21. No DACUS

22. No chain Grabbing.

23. Common longer Combos (4+ hits)

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