Q-Games Queue: Trajectile
Sunday, September 4, 2011 at 9:02PM
Richard Terrell (KirbyKid) in Misc Design & Theory, Puzzle, Review

It's been a Q-Games summer. When I think back on things, I realize that I have not only purchased and played every DS downloadable title from Q-games, but I've also become a fan of the company. With articles written on DigiDrive and X-Scape, I'm adding Trajectile, Starship Defense, and PixelJunk Shooter 2 to the queue. Each of these three games deserves some special attention. So we'll start with this missile launching puzzle game that also goes by the name...



 See gameplay here

Trajectile.  This game is the new Zengage, one of my GOTY from 2009. The graphics are stylized, simple, and a bit rough resolution wise (at least on my 3DS screen). The music tracks are catchy but few in number. The predominant colors of each stage are just blue, green, and red (see image below). And all you do is aim and fire missiles from the bottom screen to the top in attempt to hit all the glowing targets. After my first 40 minutes of playing, I wasn't really enjoying the game. But I knew that like many puzzle games, things start of slowly. So, I stuck with it. I'm now clocked in at 23 hours and I've earned a medal on all 230 stages.

Needless to say I really enjoyed the game. Instead of writing more formally, I'll just hit the highlights in bullet point format. 





Trajectile is only 5 dollars. I thought I should mention that. Next up, Starship Defense. 

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