Brawl Playstyles & Skills pt.5
Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at 10:03AM
Richard Terrell (KirbyKid) in Competition, Fighter, Genre, Skill, Super Smash Brothers

In part 4, we looked at how Ravyn's skillful playstyle was built upon timings, rhythms, and habits that he developed gradually over time. Using a history of video evidence, we could see how the Ravyn today was influenced by battles and lessons learned throughout the year. When thinking about your own playstyle it may be enlightening to look at your history. Keep in mind that history and the human mind are tricky things. Not only is one's playstyle the culmination of lessons you've learned from Brawl, but Melee, and Smash 64 as well. In fact, though we won't go down that road at this time, it's possible to trace your playstyle to the various other activities you do in your non-gaming life.

To start, check out these two videos of me playing against a Marth in some friendlies. I don't have a good way of commentating these videos, so I'll just say a few things here. Notice how aggressive yet annoyingly defensive my Kirby is. I hover just outside of Marth's range and use a variety of dodges to get inside. Attacking is never the top priority. Rather, moving in safe ways while reading the opponent and looking for opening is my game. Notice how I move. Instead of excessively dash dancing or jumping around all the time, I tend to walk while staying ready to use a burst of speed when necessary. Notice the patterns I set up with my swallow attack and how I use that to scare and bait my opponent. Also, keep in mind that Kirby is one of the worst characters in the game while Marth is one of the best.


Again, here are my answers from the Questionair followed by Takeurlife's.


And here's the video.


Brawl Pit just doesn't play the same as Melee Kirby. For that matter, Brawl and Melee Marth are very different. And along those lines, no two players are going to play alike. And while we're talking about players, no one player will play 2 identical matches. In fact, people change all the time even if their changes aren't very significant or to their benefit. Adaptation is a powerful skill that I find is the most lacking from various players.

Hats off to Takeurlife.

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