Critical-GOTY 09 pt.2
Tuesday, December 29, 2009 at 1:17PM
Richard Terrell (KirbyKid) in Action, Co-op, Combat, GOTY, Review, Shooter

The next honorable mention is Resident Evil 5. As a big fan of RE4, my brother and I played through the game a few times and 5 stared every level with every character in Mercenaries mode. Because RE4 is only a single player game, what I really wanted from Capcom was a co-op Mercenaries mode. Years after RE4, I got exactly what I wanted.... sort of.   

The following is what I don't like about RE5's design.  


The core design and campaign of RE5 is disappointing, but my favorite part of RE5 is the Mercenaries mode. Here's what I like about the mode. 

There's a co-op dynamic between the safety of sticking together, and the versatility of separating. 

Co-op Close Proximity


Co-op Apart


This co-op dynamic layers well with the general combat space-time dynamic.


Combat Medium-Long Range

Combat Close Quarters 

Factor in varied/well designed stages, enemies, playable characters, and competitive options, and the result is almost exactly what I wanted out of RE5. In the end, the design of Mercenaries mode is outstanding. However, the path the designers took to get there and the design of the campaign is not what I want to see in 2010 and beyond. 

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