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Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 10:01PM
Richard Terrell (KirbyKid) in Announcements


Drebin Factory

I've been working in the Drebin Factory. That's just my fancy way of saying, I've been developing working models for a few Drebin Points. If you don't know what Drebin Points are click here. This time around, I've busted out my electronics kit and I've been tinkering around with IR LEDs and GBA carts. Let's just say that there's an RPG like GBA game that I have no regrets destroying in the name of Drebin. Sorry Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. I was guided by the spirit of Johnny Lee. I finally got his Wiimote programs to work on my PC. Expect great things from great minds like his.



Mechanical Upgrade

I wasn't sure where exactly to put this information, so I'm putting it here as a bite sized update. From now onward, I'll be putting the single words or small phrases that describe gameplay mechanics/function in ALL CAPS. For example, the primary function in Super Mario Brothers is JUMP. And one more just for kicks. The primary function in Ikaruga is ABSORB.



Just A Little Fixin'

Personally, bad games upset me. But what may be worse for me are games that come close to greatness only to fall further and break something upon landing. I find myself thinking, "if only they knew to fix this or take out that, this game would be far better." Part of understanding my own propensities, proclivities, and preferences is figuring out what I would have done differently if I were "in their shoes" so to speak. I run this exercise in my mind for books, movies, games, and any of my other hobbies/interests.


So in the spirit of the games that are so close and yet so far, I'm introducing a new segment to the Critical-Gaming blog: The B.E.S Repair Shop. To put it simply, games go into the shop and come out better. The areas that need attention will be explained using the deep analysis that has been established here, and the solutions will also be backed by critical thinking.


Transcending Space and Time

And finally, I played Soul Calibur 4 today. I haven't really played a game of this caliber since Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast. Though I have SC2 for the Gamecube on my shelf, I only played it at parties and in one tournament that I somehow took first place in.


All in all, I'm still just a noob at Soul Calibur. The only character I know well is Link. And by "well" I mean I can do about 10 of his moves consistently.

My lack of knowledge, skills, and experience didn't stop me from taking out a few challengers online today. All I can say at this early point is it was very fun and the online experience was pretty smooth. I'll be sure to have more impressions, thoughts, and insights about the game in the coming days. Who knows, you may even hear from the other member of B.E.S. Also, I have a friend who is a high level Soul Calibur 3 player who may have even been the best in Texas at some point. Getting into a Critical-correspondence with him over Soul Calibur 4 and fighting games in general may get heated.

Keep a look out.

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