Let's Do It All Over Again
Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 9:33PM
Richard Terrell (KirbyKid)

Many gamers are hurting from the relatively disappointing E3 show across the board. Games were shown, but very little impressed or gave me hope of our gaming futures. Perhaps Nintendo had the most disappointing conference out of the big 3. Seeing Miyamoto's face not smiling was just about as much as I could take. So, I've spent the meantime coming up with this plan that just might rekindle our hope in Nintendo's future.

We're doing it all over again. It's time for...

That's right. Forget that Animal Crossing looks and plays like an N64 game. Forget that Wii Music made Miyamoto frown in front of millions. Forget that the new Call of Duty game looks like it's stuck in the past, and I don't mean its setting. Forget that we don't even know what the new GTA DS looks like (I realize this one may be the hardest to do). And Forget that Nintendo is releasing yet another Pokemon game that we don't care about.

This time, I taking over Reggie's job and presenting the games that should have been there the first time. And because the B.E.S. team has designed each of these games by hand, each example will be of the quality that can easily withstand the scrutiny of....well, me (or any gamer with the critical-eye).

Not only can I promise that these games/game ideas are of quality, but I will explain the design behind each as well as present diagrams and renders of what the game would look like. That's certainly more than an image of Mario and Zelda with the promise that the respective teams are hard at work. Keep in mind, I don't doubt that there are many hard working Nintendo developers cracking away at future games that didn't make it into the show. But there's a time for making games and a time for showing games.

It's just unfortunate that we have to travel back in time to fix things. Here we go!

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