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Critical Casts #4: Music Merging with Games

In this cast, I discuss how GuitaRPG has progressed, where it fits in the grand scheme that is the merging of videogames and music, and some thoughts I'm tossing aroudn about GuitaRPG's level design.

The link to the cast...

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Show Notes:

There is no new design challenge for this week. Keep working on the last one.


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Reader Comments (3)

Good CC post.

I'm really glad to hear that there are so many things that are going on with this project. I'm also equally amazed at all the new ideas that are being developed by other people. It's almost like a movement.

First off, it's pretty cool that you added all those new functions. I was wondering what direction you were going to head after having the basic structures of the music game play down. It seems like you made it easily accessible for players to build upon the solid foundations you have already. This was one of the biggest things that worried me. The ideas are solid but implementing them to be easy, fun, and interactive was what worried me the most. Especially the part when you are teaching the players music. Some things on my mind were that it may be hard to be receptive for new comers who don't have a music background. Another thing is with all these new ways of changing the sounds of game play like adjustment of tuning and stuff, it just sounds it may be too complicated for the everyday user. I hope you always have that thought of how you can make this project easily accessible to everyday gamers and music learners.

Overall I am really loving the ideas of making interactive levels, making it easy for the players, and especially the solo section. Letting the players become creative and being themselves is always a plus. And I can imagine you adding a free solo zone in which players can just rock out and make music like you said.

Good job with the project so far and I hope to see where it goes in the future.

ps. could you make a new youtube video with the new system upgrades? Thanks

February 24, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterjrhee

Thanks for you comments jrhee. The more detailed and the longer the better. Feedback is important for the success of this project.

I'm planning on making a new video of the new features of GuitaRPG tomorrow (thursday 2/28).

Is there anything you want to see specifically? Maybe a request for a song?

February 27, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterKirbyKid

Well the things that interest me the most are the tuning of the guitar, the overall sound of it, the ease of the usage, and actually learning about music. (so basically like everything lol) I really do like the ideas of being able to play octaves but it seems like songs with rapidly changing octaves would be very very difficult and really awkward to watch and perform.

How bout you play a song that you want and then show some sort of free style showing off the capabilities of your project so far?

February 27, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterjrhee

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