Design Challenge #3
Monday, February 11, 2008 at 6:17PM
Richard Terrell (KirbyKid) in Design Challenge

In the future Design Challenge posts, I'll elaborate on the ideas that I discuss in the podcasts. The posts are numbered by the podcasts where the challenge was introduced. If you have an idea, comment, or concern about a particular design challenge, these posts are the place to express yourself. You can post links to pictures or write out your ideas as you see fit. You can think these challenges as far as you want through the design phases. I'll be sure to read and comment on everything in one way or another.

Here's the design challenge from Critical Casts #3.

Take a book or any kind of story where there isn't any action and try to design a game that reflects, simulates, or teaches the themes/lessons/ideas. In other words, try to adapt a non-action book to a game keeping in mind all the principles of solid game design. Examples..

I already have my idea percolating in the back of my mind. I'll give you guys a hint. It involves this man...

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